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Fire Yourself!

"Fire Yourself today to grow your business"

When I do my speaking engagements around the country most people like my catchy phrase about firing yourself. I use this title in my talks to get your attention. My goal is to help business owners understand that there are important techniques to growing a business in today's fast pace competitive market place. There is a real story to be told behind my title phrase and it concerns growing ones business.

I know from personal experience how the arrogance of an owner of a small business can get in the way of growing a business. I am entrepreneur and started a business from scratch and lived my own story of trying to do everything my self in running my business. I thought I knew how to grow a business. I was well educated and grew up working in banks. I saw first hand from my bank experience how many business's failed from poor planning and having an arrogant owner who would not take the advice of others. This story starts with the caring and persistence of one very important person... my wife, who I call the little brunette. I call her the little brunette out of love and admiration. My wife who is really smart kept saying to me that we needed to hire more experts and outsource the tasks your not good at, or trained to do properly. I am not proud of this …but it took three years of daily whispers to get me to finally agree to outsource many different tasks.

Our company Nations Transactions Services, Inc. was doing ok... but, when we started to delegate some new tasks and hire a project manager who knew how to finish a task, is when we started to really grow and grow and grow. When I started to trust other people, when I started to delegate various jobs, and when I started to let our project manager really manage all the things I never got done... that is when our company took off. I do what I do best and let every body else do what they do best. The last few years have been wonderful. I am happier and guess what?... our company is very profitable and still growing. I think I am on to something special... and want to share my book and CD's with my fellow business buddies and all the entrepreneurs in America

Growing a business today is a real challenge for anyone. With the internet and the advances of the rest of the world in business... .what we have is every competitive business climate. Someone can sell anything faster, cheaper and get to you in 48 hours. This fast pace high tech world puts tremendous pressure on an untrained business person. If your well educated and have business experience, it might be a little easier for you to understand how many things need to be done every day to grow a profitable business.

Here is the little secret that no body wants to talk about. The truth, the painful truth. Most small business owners and I mean most 97% of the business owners do not have a clue about sales or marketing or branding. Most business owners rely on hope. Well hope will not get done anymore, Knowing how to use technology, learning how to out source and delegating all those pesky little tasks is where we start to build a profitable business…..I know. Using the internet is critical to expanding your business. In my book and CD's I talk about how to grow your company using the internet and your web site. There are about one hundred things every business owner needs to do to grow any business. In my book I discuss the things that are over looked. Some of these things need to be done every day. I discuss the use of email, buzz, and 98 other things. If you want to make a lot of money I can help you.

Step one

" Fire Your self today so you can grow your business tomorrow.

Step two

Buy my CD's and put into practice all the things that I suggest you do and your business will grow. I know... I have done all the hard work for you. My system is proven in the real world and you can make it work for you too.

Good Luck... Coach Ron Tunick