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One Putt Could Change Your Life Forever

Sunday, October 16th 2007, I sat watching my TV intently as the Las Vegas PGA Golf Tournament unfolded. A golf pro named Will Short Jr., who had NEVER won a PGA tournament was about to win his first tournament, and with it, $720,000.

I thought to myself, WOW, this is amazing, one putt will change the course of his life forever. One minute later, the announcer said the same thing.

When the announcer echoed my own thoughts, I immediately began to apply this principle to the Bankcard Industry. I asked myself critically, "Could one putt, in other words one merchant processing account, earn us this kind of money?" My answer was a resounding "yes"!

I love the bankcard industry for many reasons, the most standout reason being the freedom of choice it offers all of us. We choose our own path and write our own script for failure or success. We can choose to reap the financial rewards, or we can choose to complain that everyone else always gets the big breaks and makes the big money. The course of our success is lead by our determination.

In many ways, the Bankcard Industry is immune to the pitfalls and prejudices that other industries face. The Bankcard Industry doesn't care what color your skin is, what faith you belong to, or your political leanings. The Bankcard Industry marches on, relatively unaffected by interest rates, or who is president of the United States. It continues to grow, steadily and gain strength each year. So, what does all this have to do with dropping a putt on a golf course? Well, to that I say…keep reading, our golf analogy will tie it all together.

You may be asking yourself the very same question I cited a few paragraphs ago, "Who is making all this money in the Bankcard Industry?" The answer is surprisingly simple: Hardworking people of all walks of life, with a defined purpose and a burning desire to succeed. Did our PGA golfer just get lucky, or did he fall into this category of concentrated hard work? I think we all know the answer. Will Short Jr. believed he'd found the way to win in professional golf, and he simply put his methods to the test until he succeeded. His pure desire to win overshadowed all obstacles. Will Short Jr. had a defined purpose and a burning desire to succeed. I think just about every one of us can find a parallel here in our own lives and business success.

The key point is simple: You MUST find a way to make that "one putt" or write that one merchant that can change the course of your life forever. Here's how you might start the process.

If you're in sales, you've already strategically positioned yourself. All you need to do to get started is begin to think like a winner, but there's more to it than just daydreaming. You'll need to put some concrete pieces into place too. Begin by devising a solid business plan and focus your energy on that plan. Revise and grow your plan if necessary, but stick to it and use it as your focus each day. There is no quick fix or easy way to climb the financial mountain. Climbing any steep mountain requires skill, stamina, training, and a consuming desire to get to the top.

Desired Success Level

So start by checking in with your desired success level. Is your desire to succeed less than 100%? If so, that's ok, but you will encounter problems and Bankcard might not be the business for you.

If your desired success level is 100% or higher, then let's get started training to make that one putt that could change your life!

Action Plan

Start with a solid action plan and motivating approaches you can put into practice each day:

Professional Tactics

  • Work harder and smarter than you ever expected to. Winners always OUT WORK their competition.
  • Tell people how much you believe in your industry and that Bankcard is your professional calling. People want to know that you're committed.
  • Study and read everything you can about the industry. I mean everything--industry publications, training manuals, relevant articles in larger news sources.
  • Focus on LARGE merchants. About 30% of your time should be spent talking to very large merchants in your community (merchants that process over $1 million a month).
  • Focus on the right techniques to write large merchants. Larger merchants have different requirements and you need to be ready to offer them and satisfy them.

Personal Tactics

  • Read an inspirational book, a little each day. A must!
  • Look to a mentor that has "made that putt". These people do exist! Find them.
  • Let your speech and body language reflect your winning attitude. Merchants know if you're not 100%.
  • Practice and practice making that putt under pressure. When was the last time you rehearsed your presentation?
  • Don't quit no matter how tough or slow things get. Your courage and stamina will be tested, and that's OK.

Doing all of these things will not guarantee that you drop the life changing putt. However, doing all of these things will most definitely change your life and will at the very least, POSITION you to drop that putt. Learning to win is just that - it's a learned skill. Winning in business begins with HOW you think, what you expect from that thinking process, and translating this into action.

I really believe that you too can make the winning putt that changes your financial life. The Bankcard Industry rewards the person who stays the course (golf pro Will Short Jr. was 41 before he won his first PGA golf tournament). Will Short did not give up. He kept his desire alive until that putt dropped, and so can you.